It’s A Brave New Protected World!

I have a hundred different reasons for making this move to wordpress. For example: I feel the need to protect the girls’ privacy more. They are getting older and at some point I will have to explain to them why I chose to share their lives with the world wide web. It’s time to narrow the audience a bit.

I am also doing it because I am tired of censoring myself. I want to write about certain people (who, incidentally, have neither computer nor access to them, and if you don’t know who I am talking about, then you might not be a long-term reader!) and yet I feel nervous that somehow, in some way, my words—though honest and I stand by them—will get back to them. That’s way too passive aggressive for me.

But what pushed me over the edge is the fact that I lied. It’s a medium-sized lie, but it can slide into some negative consequences quickly. I’m still kinda treading water on it, and I want to write about it, but I can’t. However, with password-protected posts, I can let the words flow.

So this is how this will work. For now, the blog will remain open. I may turn it into a subscriber-only blog down the road, but for now, some of it will be open for all to read. However, a majority of the posts will be password protected. This means if you want to read the post, you need to email me for the password. I will use one password to unlock all of the posts. Easy breezy!

I’m still FTPing and tweaking and designing and protecting and lots of other gerunds. I hope to have it all worked out soon. However, if you want to get a jump on it, email me for the password at niffernet at mac dot com. It might take me a day or two to respond with the password. Or, leave a comment on this post and I will forward along the password.

And now I need to figure out how to redirect people from blogspot. Anyone care to save me the google search?

It’s gonna get a lot more open around here.


29 thoughts on “It’s A Brave New Protected World!

  1. We’d love to keep following along. AND… we need to get together in Noho for a playdate one of these days. Theo would love to play with the girls and Max, well, will smile at them.

  2. I have been reading your blog for many years now and wld like to continue, pls include my name on the password list.


  3. I enjoy your blog and would like to continue reading. You had given me the last password..but I see above that you will be changing it. Thanks!


  4. I’ve been following you since having my second child right around the same time Avery and Madeline were born, and I would love to have the password. I’m always excited to see a new post.

  5. I’ve been a “lurker” for a couple of years now, initially referred from various TTC blogs. I’ve enjoyed your writing and would like to keep following along, so I’d love to have the password.

  6. Should I move to WordPress? I keep debating, but blogger keeps giving me issues. Thanks for the password! I feel like I’m in a special club.

    • Molly you are like one of the founder members of the special club! : ) I LOVE that I can password protect posts so for that reason alone it is worth it to make the move. I will be starting some PW protected posts in the next couple of days. Mina and the kids landed and I will be out there tomorrow, then all four of us drive up to mass. maybe tomorrow night I can write up a good post!

    • I try to not abuse that relationship! : ) But I do use her, and will be, eventually, a paying client. I just wanted to get moved over here first before I get all super fancy!

  7. I would love the password if that is okay. I have been reading forever, since my oldest is a week younger than your girls and I was reading waaaaaay back when we were both pregnant. My email is rebeccaveronica74 at gmail dot com. Should I email you as well or will this comment suffice?

  8. I’m a longtime reader and have loved following your family’s growth as i am inspired to start my own! Please email me your password? Thanks!

  9. I understand your need to move to a more protected space. I have been reading your blog since before the girls were born. I still remember the horrible hand thing. Yikes. Like others, I don’t want to loose track of you or your writing. I enjoy your blog very much. Daisy ( at gmail dot com)

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